Truck driver Unions Beware – Don’t Cost Her In The Enjoyable Cushy Job


There is numerous articles in trade publications, within the transportation sector, about autonomous over-the-road trucks. Later on these 18-wheelers will drive in giant convoys using the evening of major interstates without motorists or supervision saving the logistics system 10s of immeasureable dollars each year. Great news for your cost of the things we buy, sell or trade, although not too good for truck motorists and trucker unions.

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Really, in Europe several large truck manufacturers have formerly tested extended convoys on their own major highways numerous miles anytime without any occurrences. Similar to Yahoo is showing the requirement for self-driving cars the Europeans take action with self-driving trucks. You will probably have fractional laser treatments to get better as well as for soon we’ll find large trucking companies optimally utilizing fractional laser treatments for interstate and intra-condition cargo. Indeed, because of the hostility of trucker unions expect fractional laser treatments to develop faster with elevated development and research funds behind it companies search for options to union extortion and crazy demands.

Ken Elkins authored an incredible piece within the Charlotte now now now Business Journal lately on April 15, 2016 entitled “Charlotte now now now FedEx Freight drivers’ unionization effort draws out,” and my first reaction to it absolutely was easy and simple , abruptly hardcore Fine Provide them with the raise, however invest 10-fold that quantity in driverless autonomous truck technologies and tell them ahead of time that maybe what you need to do.

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The factor is, the data stated: “About 220 motorists for FedEx Freight in Charlotte now now now have become difficulty acquiring the business to barter employing their new union greater than 16 a few days after it had been certified.”

We percieve parallels to unionization and worker demands within the Processed Foods Industry where workers demand $15.00 hourly along with the restaurants realize they can’t remain in business as of this cost because the finish result may be priced excessive consumers wouldn’t anticipate to pay, thus less jobs and restaurant franchisee closures, or possibly the Processed Foods Restaurants will fully automate to robotics, that’s frequently their first selection of refuge inside the onslaught of impossible worker demands. Basically, philosophically speaking it’s the identical argument.

It is not approximately both of these industries but all industries along with the workers need to comprehend that and get ready for unable to Work, that may not include them after they get too greedy employing their demands. I ask that you simply please consider all of this and consider it.

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