Do You Want to Move Your Mobile Home?


Mobile homes stand out because you might one day be able to transfer them. They grant you this liberty. However, that does not imply that it is too simple.

Deconstruction, obtaining permits, and locating suitable transportation are all part of the process. However, there frequently comes a time or situation when you must relocate the property. It might even entail transporting it across state boundaries.

This begs the question of how to relocate a manufactured home to a different state.

Ship a Car, Inc, a company famous for transporting cars has offered a few useful pieces of advice on the website for moving your mobile home, which is worth reading.

What can affect the cost of your moving a mobile home?

1. Distance of the move

The cost of the move will increase with the length of the move. As you can expect, it takes a lot of gas to pull a mobile home behind a big truck. Also, movers cannot manoeuvre around corners or drive quickly.

2. Size of your mobile home

The final cost of your home will be significantly influenced by its size. A police escort or a brief road restriction might also cost money. Because there may be fewer options for transport routes, taller properties often cost more to relocate.

3. Weight of your mobile home

Keep in mind that the more materials and moving equipment your movers will need to transfer your heavier mobile home, the costlier it will be. This eventually results in increased spending.

4. Permits and inspection

For each area your mobile home passes or enters through, permits can be required if you are relocating it to a different state. Fortunately, the moving company should be able to help you in obtaining these permits prior to the relocation.

5. Moving materials

Moving a mobile home involves a lot of moving items, from equipment and supplies to tow hitches and tyres. The price of the required moving supplies should be broken down by your moving company in your contract.

6. Setup services

Expect to pay a little more if you plan to relocate your mobile home using full-service movers. Many expert movers charge an extra fee for assembling and/or disassembling the mobile home besides the transport costs.

7. Age and overall condition

The movers may need to spend more time fixing and changing the mobile home prior to putting it on the road when it is older or needs some major repairs.

8. Insurance and liability

If you hire professional movers, you must get liability insurance for the transfer. You might also want to think about getting additional insurance. If you currently have mobile home insurance, make sure to ask your provider if they provide coverage while a mobile home is being transported.

The ideal way to ship a mobile home or several mobile homes is put on a flatbed trailer for safety and efficiency. The trailer’s bed should be checked to make sure it is not harmed, corroded, or unclean before a mobile home is loaded onto it.

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